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About me

I am a conservator-restorer with more than forty years of experience in the field.

I graduated from the Institute for Restoration in Rome and my areas of expertise include canvas and panel paintings, wall paintings, polychrome wooden sculptures as well as stone artifacts.

In addition to being a conservator, I have been involved in the field of education and restoration planning and I am currently director of the International Institute for

Restoration and Preservation Studies, headquartered in NYC, USA.

I have worked extensively in Italy but have also worked on projects in many countries including

China, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, Kosovo, Albania, Greece and the USA,

sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Italian Ministry

of Foreign Affairs and other international organizations, including

UNESCO, ICCROM, the World Monuments Fund

as well as other educational institutions.

I am keen on the traditional painting and decoration techniques - one of the subjects that I teach -

and since 2008 I have been creating objects inspired by the great Classical, Renaissance,

Baroque and Neoclassical works of art executed by a

very unique ancient technique called “scagliola”.

More about this technique

in the dedicated


For the picture, credits go to a great photographer and a good

friend that is not with us anymore: Hernán Díaz.

I will always keep him in my heart.

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