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Another very classical-style piece: a centerpiece, “centrotavola” in Italian,  “surtout de table” in French.

The most apparent detail is the lapislazuli-like central obelisk while on its two sides there are two spheres:

all the three elements are placed on pedestals with various moldings on their tops and bases.

 I got inspired by other very famous marbles of the antiquity, brought by Romans from all around the Mediterranean basin:

the "breccia corallina", quarried from Asia Minor, for the base of the Obelisk and the "broccatello", quarried from Spain,

for the bases of the other two lateral elements.

 Views from different angles and different backgrounds are

included in the array of images in order

to better appreciate

shapes and


Some "work in progress" pictures for the lapislazuli-like obelisk with inlay decorations:

the carving process for the inlay decoration; after the first smoothing process;

assembling the various elements.

 Weight: 9,5 kg/20 lb Height: 59 cm/1,93 ft  width: 41 cm/1,34 ft depth: 12,5 cm/0,41 ft

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