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The ceiling of a round entrance hall of a villa, in one of the most beautiful and greenest suburbs of Athens.

In the center of it there is an octagonal window from which the room is flooded by the light of the Attican sky.

The wall painting, a trompe l’oeil that I painted in the 2000, covers an area of ~ 25 sqm/269 sqft

and shows a dome with a light green background color, typical of the18th century style,

having a series of groin ribs to give the feeling of a curved surface.

A fabric, inspired by an ancient precious Persian decorative pattern, is pulled by amorini, little Cupids,

and their rivals, the birds, in a sort of jovial competition.

As for the technique, it is lime tempera for the large areas and acrylic for the details.

For the Persian decorative pattern of the fabric there are also small pure gold leaf gilded areas executed by mordant

technique (a help in case you can't see them: the "dotted" hem and the circles around the zodiac symbols).

The source of inspiration for the Persian decorative pattern: my 19th century's good old precious book by

Auguste Racinet,1825-1893: "Lʹ Ornement Polychrome : 100 planches en couleurs or et argent contenant

environ 2000 motifs de tous les styles art ancien et Asiatiaque, Moyen Age,

Renaissance, XVIIe et XVIIIe siècle"




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