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This scagliola artifact shows a granite-like basin: the inspiration comes from the basins of the «twin» fountains of piazza Farnese in Rome.

The choice of these wonderful 17th century fountains designed by the architect Girolamo Rainaldi and built in 1626 

using two preexisting Roman basins from Caracalla baths, is due to the fact I have restored them twice,

the first time in the 1993 and the second time in the 2008, hence

my particular attachment to those two monuments.

The original basins are made of "Marmor Claudianus", a granite that Romans would quarry from Egypt.

The dimensions of the scagliola basin are: height 18 cm/7,09 in - length 42 cm/16,54 in - depth 26 cm/10,24 in and 8,5 kg/18,74 lbs.

One of the pictures, the one showing a double basin, has been shot

in front of a mirror, to permit the view of both sides of it.

The basin can be used as a centerpiece, but

this is one of its many

decorative and/or



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