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"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts" a certain Dr. Albert Einstein states,

but numbers are a parameter that permits to at least show the efforts and all the labor behind those almost

forty years of hard work in the field of preservation of the Cultural Heritage around the world.

So, the numbers of artifacts and monuments I have worked on are the following:

155 paintings on canvas

26 panel paintings

37 wooden sculptures

57 wall paintings* in churches or other public palaces

50 stone monuments such as churches, fountains and single sculptures

8 polychrome terracotta sculptures

7 stucco surfaces in churches, private and public buildings, statues and reliefs

* each church or public palace could contain from a minimum of 2 to ~100 square meters 

(from 6,50 to ~300 ft) of painted surface so it is difficult to give a precise number.

It is not easy to have all these years of work preserving the Cultural Heritage, described in few words, few images and few web pages.
       On the other hand, if I would not restrict myself in few words, images and number of web pages, I would risk to bore.

Not having this intention, I decided to choose for each one of these areas of activity a limited but meaningful number of examples.

The adjective “meaningful” indicates either the “aesthetical enjoyment”,

being this the main function an artifact has been conceived for,

or some "technical gems" as well as

the historical importance.

Enjoy colors, shapes

and a travel

through the


Easel Paintings and Wooden Artifacts
Wall Paintings
Stone and Decorated Architectural Surfaces
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