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A wall of the playroom in a suburban villa of Athens is covered with a painting executed by acrylic on canvas,

using a restricted range of colors, in order to have a monochromatic effect.

The neoclassical style house of the owners is seen from a terrace, surrounded by an imaginary garden “all’Italiana”

with some details inspired by the Giardino di Boboli in Florence.

Being a playroom it was a specific request of the patrons to “soften” the description

of their superb villa giving to the painting a funny value.

This is attempted by showing the painter that portrays the flute player in such a way…

The size of the painting is 6,00 x 3,00 m - ‪ ‪19,68 x ‪9,84 ft,

Onto the two lateral steles are hung some

paintings showing architectural

details of the


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