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In the dining room, still in the same villa of one of the most beautiful and greenest suburbs of Athens.

A "sopraporta", that is "overdoor" in English, as specified in The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture:

"...really a kind of Attic-storey over the cornice of a doorway, often with scrolls, and other architectural

enrichment, sometimes forming a panel containing a picture or sculpture".

On this overdoor, framed by a marble molding, are represented the

gifts of nature that each season leaves with its passage.

It starts from Winter, with its few but warm colors followed by the gracefulness

and cheerful chromatic vivacity of Spring and Summer.

Autumn is less intense but still lively and generous in flavors, before the wintry rest period...

A parrot is guarding the rich harvest and sounds the alarm for an

attempted robbery by the winged

boy that tries hard

to hush it


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