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This very stylish armoir has got four doors.

On each doors are depicted three imaginary shelves.

One of the shelves is empty, symbolizing the "not finished", that is life "in the making"...

Other than some gracious objects, such as the elegantly ornamented and diaphanous glass, or the Renaissance style wooden head 

wearing a beautiful pearl necklace, or other typical accessories of a wardrobe,

on the shelves there are symbols of the owners' family members.

Their zodiac signs, Libra - Scorpio for mother and son, and Aquarius - Pisces for father and daughter are all

symbolized combining of man-made works of art and natural elements.

And the playfulness prevails in the portrait of the children that cannot be finished, so implying that

every day, every week and every month they keep growing, while their unstoppable need

to prank is shown by the attempt to get out from

the picture and pull gecko's tail. 

The painting technique is

oil on a plain wooden


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