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A scagliola obelisk for paying a further tribute to the fascinating “Roman marbles”: once you get in love with, you will never forget them,

at least in my experience, but I know many lovers that have given in to their charm...
The marble for the obelisk is inspired by one having many names: "Marmor Celticum" for Romans
that are supposed to have opened

the quarries in Auber, in the Central Pyrenees, France, "Bianco e Nero Antico" called by the Renaissance carvers that reused it,

and also "Grand Antique" or "Marble of Aquitania", obviously the French name given when those

quarries were reopened in the middle of the 18th century.
For the base has been imitated one of the numerous “lumachellas”, name given by the Renaissance stone carvers that in Italian

means “small snail” because of the presence of the fossils: This one is the “Occhio di Pavone Nero”, that means

“Black Peacock's Eye”, another poetic name given to this stone by the Renaissance stone workers.
In spite of the many different hypotheses, it is supposed to come from Asia Minor.
The four balls are an imitation of the Giallo Antico while the two elements,

the top and the base are an imitation of the red Porphyry.

The obelisk is 120 cm/

3.93 ft tall

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