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One of the 5 paintings by Basilio and Tommaso Cascella I restored in 1986, housed in the Cascella Museum in Pescara.

Basilio was the first of this important family of artists and worked in the incredibly flourishing

cultural ambience between the end of the 19th and 20 th century, with leading figures

such as the poet D'Annunzio and the painter Michetti.

His friend Giuseppe Romualdi writes about him: "He caught the telltale sign of a soul strong and virgin, wild but full of faith and of

youth ... He studied the soul of the landscape; the souls of his people sometimes sad, sometimes joyful and thoughtful".

This painting dates from 1899 and allegedly his wife posed for the figure of the shepherdess.

Fun fact: It seems that the painting was shipped at the Venice Biennale

but arrived late and was sent back and

forgotten for 20 years in the

post office of


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