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In 2008, two missions in Cairo, Egypt, as a trainer in the frame of the program for the “Egyptian Museums Requalification System”

funded by the General Direction for the Cooperation for Development of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affaires

and the General Secretary of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

Along with the Egyptian conservators coming from different Museum of Egypt we worked on four stone statue:

A polychrome limestone statue of Nenkhefetka of the 5th dynasty, 2686 - 2181 BCE from Deshasha.

The inspector of the Scribes Seqedkau with his wife and son in polychrome limestone,

from  Saqqara and dating back to the 5th dynasty.

Statue of the 4th priest of Amon, Nakhtefmut, kneeling,

made of alabaster, dating back to the

22th dynasty, c. 943 - 818 BCE.

One of the ten which were found in almost perfect

condition near a funerary temple at El-Lisht,

this limestone statue shows the

pharaoh Sesostris I seated on

a solid cubic throne,

ca. 1964-1929 BCE.

12th dynasty. 

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