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Not many words match with this paintings as the word "Baroque" and the exuberant pageantry of those times!

Filippo Lauri along with Filippo Gagliardi painted this large canvas - 2,31 by 3,40 m / ‪7,57 by 11,15 ft - between 1656 and 1659.

The "Giostra dei Caroselli", depicts the celebrations for the visiting Queen Christina of Sweden at Palazzo Barberini on February the 28th,

in 1656, when also the opera "La Vita Humana ovvero il Trionfo della Pietà" by the composer Marco Marazzoli was staged.

If you want to enjoy more the details of this intriguing painting, visit the Google Art Project page

and zoom in on the image created at a very high definition,

with about 7 billion pixels available!

It is currently exhibited in the

"Museo di Roma",

in Palazzo



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