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This fresco in the Church of St. Peter in Terni, depicting the Dormitio Virginis

- Dormition of the Virgin Mary -, gives the name to an Italian "Ars Magister"

active in Southern Umbria between 1370 and the second decade

of the 15th century, which reveals an artist

of remarkable powers of expression.

Recently has been suggested the identification of the Maestro della Domitio Virginis

with Domenico da Miranda, a painter mentioned in Rome in 1369.

The fresco was partially hidden behind a Baroque altar, until the bombing during WW2, followed by

an arbitrary and extreme "purist" restoration which has removed

all the successive additions, trying to recover

an assumed original medieval aspect.

As a matter of fact a difficult dilemma.

In the upper part of this lateral niche containing the Dormitio,

there is a partly lacking scene with

the Coronation of

the Virgin



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