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The so called Model B1 is one of six houses built in Burnham street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between 1915 and 1917 when

Frank Lloyd Wright designed a series of standardized "system-built" homes,

known today as American System-Built Homes

and was a system of low-cost housing.

The Frank Lloyd Wright's Burnham Block, Inc., and Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin Association purchased

the six houses of the Burnham street block, that in the course of the decades had been severely

altered having as a goal to restore them giving back their initial aspect.

The first to be restored was the B1 Model, but not having any original specification of Wright,

the Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin asked the collaboration of the 

Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning,

Institute of Preservation of Historical Buildings,

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

So, careful investigations about the original materials and the finishes were carried out for

providing new specification for a restoration of the surfaces during a 3 months

workshop to which participated 6 student of the Faculty.

Today, after a very accurate and respectful restoration, the house is visited by tourists and, the most important,

is subject of study for groups of students interested in deepening their knowledge

about one of the most important architects of the 20th century.

Below a selection of slides from the presentation during

the 100 years Anniversary Event

"Frank Lloyd Wright

in Milwaukee


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