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As already mentioned in the easel painting section, showing his two panel paintings I had restored in 1985, Gerardo Dottori

was a Futurist painter since 1912 and was one of the leading artists of the XIX Biennial International Art Exhibition of the

Italian "aeropainters" in Venice in 1934 as well as one of the signatories of the 1929 Futurist Aeropainting

Manifesto, signed also by Depero, Marinetti, Prampolini and others. 

This tempera wall paintings were commissioned by the mayor of Magione, a beautiful town overlooking the Lake Trasimeno.

The whole ceiling is painted and in a large frieze all around the council room of the City Hall

are depicted the villages being part of Magione's district.

As happened for many artists of that period, getting away from the traditional technical standards,

Dottori as well used "cheap" industrial-made painting materials

which are a real challenge for their


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