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This Oratory in the small village of Stroncone, Umbria, is the place where

was housed the ancient Brotherhood of Saint John the Beheaded.

It is a jewel of architecture, sculpture and painting.

The richly decorated ceiling and the canvas paintings were painted by Giuseppe Bastiani, aka Giuseppe da Macerata, 1593 - 1630.

His signature can be found in latin in one of the canvases: "Opus Ioseph Mac.sis - MDCX" that is "Made by Joseph from Macerata - 1610".

All the reliefs as well as the altars are realized by two very talented brothers, Gregorio and Cristoforo Grimani,

very active since the last decade of the 16th century - see this page with pictures of their work.

Very colorful, the majority of the surfaces covered by "grotesque" decorations,and rich in gilding,

the Oratory is a meaningful example of Mannerism and a growing Baroque style.

I  would like to mention some small monochrome scenes, impossible to enjoy from below,

and which in my opinion in many cases, witness the skillfulness of the painter:

few and fast compendiario style-like

brushstrokes that built volumes

and give dynamism

to the little


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