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A fourth century tomb discovered in the vicinity of Tripoli, Libya (ancient Oea) at the beginning of the 20th century during the

Italian occupation contained two funerary niches, the larger devoted to a woman named Aelia Arisuth.

Elaborate wall paintings surround Aelia's niche and portrait, and below

the niche a detailed scene of a chariot race.

Above the larger niche there is an inscription, held by two genii,

which reads "Consecrated to the souls of the departed.

Aelia Arisuth lived approximately sixty years".

An inspection was carried out in October 2018 to assess the condition of the wall paintings,

in the frame of a joint project of the Higher Institute for Conservation and Restoration-

Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Roma Tre University, the MeDa Foundation, along with

the Department of Antiquities of Tripoli, Libya.

Their restoration will shortly follow

as part of a training


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