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San Francesco is an important Church in the town of Amelia, Umbria.

Entering it, the 2nd chapel on the right, the Cappella di Sant’Antonio da Padova, was also the funerary chapel

of the Geraldini family, one of the most important families of Amelia during the 15th and 16th centuries

- see also the fresco of Piermatteo d'Amelia I restored in Sant'Agostino in Narni.

Angelo Geraldini and his brothers Bernardino, Battista and Girolamo – as can be read in the inscription on the sarcophagus -

commissioned the first funerary monument - attributed to Agostino di Duccio -

for their parents Matteo and Elisabetta in 1477.  

A paradoxical and, as such, interesting detail: on the tombs of Camillo and Belissario Geraldini -

attributed to Andrea Bregno - heads with feather headdresses can be observed

in the 5th picture, similar to

those of the native




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