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This fresco, depicting the Virgin Mary with the Child and two Saints in the Church of Sant'Agostino in Narni, Umbria,

has been painted by Piermatteo Lauro de' Manfredi da Amelia or simplier, Piermatteo d'Amelia.

It was very important for the career of Piermatteo d’Amelia that the powerful Geraldini Family,

patrons of the fine arts, were in his hometown (see also the restoration

of the Geraldini Chapel I carried out in 1992).

Piermatteo d'Amelia - circa 1445 - 1508 - collaborated in 1467 with Filippo Lippi

on the frescoes of the apse of the Cathedral of Spoleto.

Twelve years later, in 1479, he was called

to Rome by the Papal Curia to

decorate the ceiling of the

Sistine Chapel.

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